I heighten my value by learning from people 
Curious by nature, I love meeting new people, understanding their point of view and living new experiences. I am today looking for new challenges toward design and its innovations.
I love to share my passion with others, help them understand my points of view. I am very professional and hardworking. Always trying my best to know the needs, difficulties and skills of each of my teammates so we can work in synergy toward the best outcome.
I can also show a lot of creativity. You will probably find me sketching my next crazy idea in the back of a post-it during my free time! 

Goals for next adventures
👩🏻‍💻UX/UI - Product designer 
🌏France or Abroad
🙌Agency with concrete & impacting projects
🖥 UI : Figma, Sketch, Principle
👥 UX : Miro, AirTable
🎨 Graphic Design : Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effect, Premiere Pro, Lightroom, Cinema 4D
👔 Project Management : Notion, Slack, Click Up, Trello, Milanote​​​​​​​
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